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Media Events

The main objectives are to create awareness about a company, research results, or a charitable/advocacy cause (with a resultant rise in sales, investment or donations). These objectives can (and often should) be a strong component of any of the above events, as there is frequently a logical tie-in. Many conferences and galas first have a media launch. Objectives include:

  • Achieving favourable print and traditional electronic coverage for a product or cause
  • Creating buzz for a conference or convention
  • Attracting Web 2.0 attention (blogging, podcasts, Youtube, Facebook etc.)
  • Highlighting a positive aspect of a company that is not well known
  • Damage control through the use of a crisis plan in case of product recall, tampering, contamination, etc.

A solo media event can be a challenge unless it has a very large budget and some exciting entertainment or swag on hand. Booking a room, ordering some canapés, and mailing out a press kit doesn’t usually have the hoped for results. If, on the other hand, the event is designed to launch a new spa and the invitees are beauty and travel editors arriving for an afternoon of pampering, it will probably get some attention. If the choice has been made to launch a new product at a spa or in some value-added venue, make sure that it somehow ties in with the product, or there is a risk of the restaurant/hotel/spa getting the rave review with no mention of the actual reason for the event.

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