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Conventions & Conferences

The primary purpose at these events is to introduce new products and ideas, whether to facilitate sales and marketing or for research purposes. Some common objectives are:

To generate a sales and media buzz around a specific company or industry
  • To bring professionals from different fields but with overlapping interests together
  • To share information
  • To launch new products or promotional campaigns
  • To actively lobby for industry/agency goals
  • To provide networking opportunities
  • To provide participant driven learning and training
  • To build in recognition events for top performing products and/or staff, especially a company or industry’s sales force

Conferences and conventions are large by nature, but smaller, break-out meetings add value for both the organizers and delegates. Design smaller events within the convention/conference to facilitate networking and idea sharing between all parties (employees, sales people, dealers, clients, service providers, etc.).

If a sales/supplier/clients conference is being planned, consider asking some of the potential attendees what would motivate them to come, and what were some of their more positive and negative experiences at previous conferences or conventions. These suggestions can be taken into consideration as the nuts and bolts of the event are planned out.

Sample Email

Subject: John Doe from Syntech here, I would appreciate your advice
Dear Ms. Smith

You are one of our more valued clients, so I hope you will give me the benefit of your experience as I plan this year’s Syntech conference. I would like to ensure that delegates have an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Can you kindly provide me with feedback regarding factors that have motivated you to attend a conference? Ease of travel, exotic or fun location, expense, information sessions, personal contact with others in the field, etc.? It would also be very helpful if you could briefly let me know a couple of your favourite and least favourite things from some of our industry’s past events. I understand you are busy, so I appreciate your help.


Adapt the text for dealers, sales staff, upper and mid-level management or anyone else whose ideas might be helpful. Consider specifically asking sales staff and dealers for types of events, give-aways, and training that have upped sales for previous releases and see if it is possible to incorporate them into the event.

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